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Industrial Filtration

We offer the best solutions in all sectors of industrial filtration. We design, build, and install systems for all processes where the filtration of dust, fumes, vapours, mists, oil, and odours is required.
We support the customer in the management of the filter and in the assistance.

Industrial FiltrationIndustrial Filtration italy

Centrifugal fans

We build industrial fans for every application, using very thick sheets, completely electro welded to last over time. Our fans have the impeller that can be removed from the motor side to facilitate maintenance. We reproduce fans of all types and sizes.

Centrifugal fans

Axial fans

The use of wing profile impellers made of aluminum or nylon glass provide high performance, with contained noise. The different constructions make it possible to meet every need in the industrial, agricultural, chemical, drying sectors and wherever there is a need to move large volumes of air.

Axial fansAxial fans italy

Industrial roof exhaust fans

We build centrifugal roof exhaust fans for industrial and civil applications. Easy to install and silent, they work for years without maintenance. Available in galvanized, painted, aisi 304/316 stainless steel sheet, also for high temperatures. The TC 400° C series is approved to work 2 hours with fumes at 400 °C.

Industrial roof exhaust fansIndustrial roof exhaust fans italy