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Nova Vit: the Company

La Nova Vit S.r.l was founded in 1968 in Turin, on the initiative of Pierpaolo Cazzola who for over fifty years has been personally engaged in offering the best solutions of the sector in terms of ventilation and filtration systems in the industrial sector.

The high knowledge gained in the field of ventilation and industrial aspiration, allows Nova Vit S.r.l. to specialize in the industrial filtration of fumes, dust and mists of all types.

The company has always stood out for:
  • the high quality of the manufact ured products, entirely produced in the Leinì workshop (Turin)
  • the customization of the systems
  • the relationship with customers over time (providing spare parts, maintenance and new solutions)

Today Nova Vit S.r.l. is a lean and dynamic company, mad e up of highly specialized technical people and professionals.

Employees: 15 people
Surface: 3,000 sq.m.

We build using technologically advanced machines, which allow realizations capable of combining absolute quality, long life at low costs and minimum m aintenance.

Novavit S.r.l. today sells industrial filters all over the world, without local retailers or commercial agents, but simply thanks to the word of mouth of satisfied customers.

For any need contact us at the number
+39 011 998 1234 r.a.

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