Industrial Collectors

The industrial filtering systems designed by Nova Vit are designed and manufactured according to the material to be filtered and the conditions of use. They are able to guarantee better air and working environment quality.

Conceived in full compliance with the regulations, they are designed to be used and maintained with ease and reduced to a minimum cost.

Indispensable in closed rooms and especially in industries and places where work is carried out, Nova Vit industrial aspiration systems are composed of filtering sections and powered by a fan for the suction of air, dust, fumes, shavings, trimmings, gases, odours and other elements.

The primary objective is to speed up air exchange and improve working conditions, their use is recommended above all on welding, laser and plasma cutting machines, sanding, painting, deburring and sandblasting, in the textile industries, in the joineries and in the rubber processing industries, plastic and resins and also for stones and marbles working.

Each system is designed by Nova Vit technicians based on the type of material to be aspirated or filtered and is customized according to any specific need, while maintaining the costs of a mass-produced product. This is thanks to half a century of experience of a dynamic company, consisting of 15 people and always family-run.

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