Suction walls for marble, stone, granite and resin processing powders

Wall Duster Series 

The most innovative and advantageous filtering system currently on the market!

Areas of use:
The Wall Duster Series suction wall is ideal for grinding, cutting and polishing marble, stone, granite and resin.

The Wall Duster Series guarantees constant suction over time and dry filtration of 99.99% of each type of powder.
Average cartridges life is well oover 10,000 hours.
The only periodic maintenance required is to empty the dust drawer.

Wall Duster suction walls use cartridge filters with compressed air Pulse Jet cleaning system and economiser. The treated air, thanks to the safety filters, can be returned to the environment (where local regulations allow it) generating high energy savings for companies.

The side walls and the sliding roof allow the pieces to be loaded / unloaded from above and to maintain their working habits.




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