Marble, stone, granite and resin processing

We carry out various solutions, designed to vacuum and filter the dust produced by the processing of marble, stone, granite, fiberglass and resins.
For these applications we do not use water filters, despite being the most economical solution, because they are not very efficient (from the point of view of filtration) and because they require continuous maintenance.

We offer only dry filters, with sleeves or with cartridges (cleaning system with compressed air in counter-current - Pulse Jet), because only the cartridges are able to guarantee a filtration higher than 99.9%. This allows, where local regulations allow, the recovery of filtered air, without the need for expulsion with a chimney (which involves additional costs and practices).

Filtration can take place by:

- Benches (Duster Series) or suction walls (Wall Duster Series). In this case the filtration is done at the suction point.

- Centralized systems with ducting (FC Series). In this case the filter can be positioned away from the working point.

Because we find the more suitable solution

We identify the most suitable solution for your specific needs based on the type of processing and pollutant.