Manual and mechanical grinding

NOVA VIT designs filters to aspirate and filter all the dust deriving from manual or mechanical grinding.

Filters are available in compact versions, to be easily handled with wheels or for hanging installations (Polsec Series) and larger filters for centralized installations (FC Pulse Jet Series).

Filtration efficiency greater than 99.9%:
The use of the best cartridges on the market, the continuous search for innovative solutions and the experience gained in the management of the filters, allow us to guarantee high performance and long durability of the cartridges with minimum maintenance (cartridge life between 10,000 and 20,000 hours).

Energy saving:
When local regulations allow it, it is possible to recover the filtered air by inserting high-efficiency safety filters and filtration control kits with significant savings on company heating.

Depending on the needs, the filters can be constructed with:
- dust discharge in the drawer with a quick-release system
- hopper and rotary valve for unloading in big bags (or other containers of your choice)

Because we find the more suitable solution

We identify the most suitable solution for your specific needs based on the type of processing and pollutant.