Laser, plasma and oxygen cutting

NOVA VIT designs and manufactures cartridge filters (FC Pulse Jet Series) with pulse jet cleaning, sized for suction and filtration of fumes and dust produced by any type of laser, plasma or oxyfuel cutting machine. We also design suction benches for sheet support.

Since 1998 we have been a partner of Yamazaki Mazak Italia s.r.l supplying filters in support of their laser cutting machines. Thanks to the use of the best cartridges available on the market (sized from time to time according to the application), to the continuous technological evolution of the filters and the Pulse Jet cleaning system, the cartridges have a minimum duration of 7,000 hours*, with peaks of over 20,000 hours.

NOVA VIT is able to provide immediate remote support for the management and regulation of filter parameters (and identification of any anomalies).

The filters, equipped with self-cleaning cartridges, can be positioned inside or outside (without the need to protect them from the elements) and dust can be discharged into a drawer or, using a rotary valve, directly into big bags.

*data taken from the history of maintenance carried out at our customers


Because we find the more suitable solution

We identify the most suitable solution for your specific needs based on the type of processing and pollutant.