Waste processing and treatment

We have a long experience of filters for the treatment of fumes, powders, solvents and vapors (even acids or bases) that are produced during the whole cycle of processing and shredding of waste.

NOVA VIT is partner of some of the most important companies in the sector who have chosen to rely on us for the design, construction and operation of the plants.

All this allows for a cleaner working environment and minimizes emissions into the atmosphere.

Depending on the applications they can be used:

- Cartridge filters (FC Pulse Jet Series)

- Sleeve filters (FM Pulse Jet Series)

- Activated carbon filters (FCA series)

- Hydrofilters (DAUV Series)

- Washing towers (Scrubber)

Because we find the more suitable solution

We identify the most suitable solution for your specific needs based on the type of processing and pollutant.